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For decades, BÖRNER has been at the forefront of innovation in the construction industry. By consistently embracing and implementing groundbreaking ideas, we have developed new and trend-setting products and systems, continuously redefining industry standards.


Our modern production techniques position our facilities among the most efficient in the industry, ensuring high productivity and cutting-edge output.

Anspruchsvolle Projekte


"Living with Herz" is the guiding principle behind the climate-adapted, sustainable, and socially balanced Herzkamp residential neighborhood currently under construction in Hanover. Spanning 25,000 m², this development is designed for modern comfort, featuring a multi-storey car park, supermarket, football pitch, and daycare center. Its ideal location, abundant green spaces, and excellent public transport connections ensure a sustainable and comfortable living environment.

3.000 m²

Flat roof

1.000 m²

Parking zone

Kindergarten Lieblingsplatz

A distinctive feature of this building project was the construction of the daycare center, consisting of five separate buildings unified under a wooden structure shaped like a "cloud." This innovative design not only connects the buildings but also enables children to play outside in any weather. To address ecological and economic considerations, and to ensure the use of sustainable, high-quality materials, the roof of the wooden "cloud" was equipped with an extensive green roof.

846 m²

Ballasted roof

450 m²

Green roof

Warema Renkhoff SE

With a special production run of 30,000 m² of ELMO-Star polymer bitumen membranes, featuring a slate coating in dolomite grey specifically for this new construction, GEORG BÖRNER significantly contributed to this impressive project. Hofmann Flachdach GmbH & Co. KG in Lauda-Königshofen utilized the DACO-KSU-SI 3 mm self-adhesive membrane as an underlay and BÖRNER MULTIPLEX AGG 4 as a vapor barrier on the concrete surfaces.

30.000 m²

Flat roof


dolomite grey slate

Logistics hall IBV Goldbeck

A logistics hall, covering a roof area of approximately 16,000 m², is nearing completion in the Schwalm-Eder-Mitte industrial estate in Knüllwald-Remsfeld. Located adjacent to major logistics players such as Amazon Logistics, Palletways, and E.L.V.I.S., and right next to the A7 motorway between Kassel and Bad Hersfeld, this central location is ideally suited for both German and European goods traffic.

16.000 m²

Roof area



Magda Hummel Haus

For over thirty years, the Vogelsberg community has been dedicated to providing living and working spaces for people with and without disabilities. A new development has recently been completed, featuring an ensemble of buildings designed for barrier-free living. This includes two separate areas, each accommodating eight individuals with assistance needs, alongside two short-term care units and two apartments reserved for house managers and staff.

2.000 m²

Roof area

SK Bit 105® GT